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hi pippetto as fa as pvt hours are concerned i have already expressed my opinion in my previous post as for roshana's presence, i think this is a job where girls come when they have time or when they want to, or at least i think it work like that (i have never followed such kind of chat before now) if last night she was not likely to have to do more interesting things...with this i do not want to justify roshana but i think i'm realistic when i say that she can not be at my disposal( let's always remember that for the girls this is a job ) i did not claim on her.......i take what she give me ...that's all . ciao pippetto i like talking with you
Hi Max.
She's dumped us yesterday.
This happens more often, doesn't it?
Hours of "Phone box" arranged in PVT...Schedule deliberately never updated...
Justify it all you want..but i think that we are being played for fools by her
as i have already writen in my previous post also i would like to have roshana all for me but i understand that here we are in many to want to talk with her and want to see her, so i take it a bit apart to leave it other too. probably this person does not understand this thing so i think that roshana can not blame for that . ciao
hi guys at the end roshana what can do if this person calls her and keeps her in pvt an hour and half or two hours just to speak she can not send him away ( something she would never do with any of us ) this person should be moderating but probably does not understand it ....ciao.... un bacio x te roshi
Odessa, she is here in Seventeen for only the old eurotic tv be precise...for some of them!
It has been being for 5 months that it keeps on CHATTING for hours in PVT with the same person.
There have been some complaints...but she won't hear like this..They'll probably be glad when they'll be alone.
The pattern of the show is alway the same (2 strips in PVT and then dedicated "aftershow" in PVT)....nothing will change and she's OK with it.
Actually, she doesn't care at all what we say.
I don't like open legs show!

ollaw, I said similar on 2017-07-19 14:23:31 below, to her credit Roshana replied and then started her show without make-up. She is actually a naturally beautiful lady, and in my opinion should do her shows with minimum make-up, and only apply it if asked in PVT or VIP or a Tip Target is reached, because for close camera work looking natural is better on a webcam to me, plus she is more beautiful without the make-up. I have to admit, Roshana impressed me when she took on the feedback and appeared naturally. I hope she considers the other feedback too, to use TIP TARGETS and TICKET SHOWS for tame free to air nude shows, and make pussy shows in PVT and VIP. Of course she might already do this in VIP, I haven't found out, but PVT peeking seems to only reveal chatting. I have not given up on Roshana like some, because she seems to be prepared to listen to comments and adapt, and I have realised I should have had more respect for her. I hope she relaxes soon and makes the shows I want (I assume many others do too), then I will have to top-up credits and get to know her much better.
I just switched over to Regina Roshana's friend . She has all what R. doesn't have . Great body ,, nice face , wonderfull pussy that she shows through the show . Spread legs at it's best . It's difficult not to explode . She deliveres what is wanted and why should one pay for fashion shows . And the price is reasonable .
more than TWO HOURS of "phone box" in be precise....
this is ridiculous...but obviously that's okay
All right, love, that's enough!
Once again...over an hour of "phone call" in PVT!!
I feel like they were both playing me.
I don't not following you anymore.
wann bist du wieder online? wäre schön dich bald wieder sehen zu können
Schedule in this page it is useful like the fork to eat the broth
every time new dresses - awesome miss roshana - kisses
thanks for the clarification, but I think it should not be addressed to me.
You have to address to whom uses PVT as a VIP or Plan a Date...saving money... at the expense of the others.
Pippetto, have you used the Plan a Date service yet? It is great, you submit a show request in advance, saying what you want the show to include, after agreeing the show, date and time with the model you get to have your time with the model for 4 crs per min. This is 1 crs more than PVT and 1 crs less than VIP, but the Date is 1 on 1, so no peekers. It is great for the model because she knows in advance what is wanted from the show, and she received the agreed amount of credits, unlike a PVT or VIP where the member can abort at any time, So with the certainty of income and security of no peekers, many models often make more personal and hotter shows during a Date. Highly recommend this service, rather than the lottery of peeking on another persons PVT or hoping for some hot in free for a Target. Of course the new Ticket Shows may be just as good, with the pre agreed show and the certainty of knowing how many tickets must be sold, but this service is too new for me to say if it is as successful as the Date service for both the model and members. think of the Plan a Date service as a Reserved Experience, at a set time with a show just for you, it is great if the model is happy to go a bit further than usual too!
Once again... last night almost 2 hours of phone box in PVT with the same people...
Remember that PVT everyone can see it; to see you just beat the keys on a keyboard is not a glamorous sight.
This site is not ETV where there was a regular show (about 5 hours!) and a aftershow (about 3 hours!)...
We are dealing with time constraints here,
But it's useless to dream... because NOTHING EVER CHANGES...
I'm probably wasting your time as well as mine...
ahahahhaha....thanks pippetto.......but why her schedule has never been update, it's already hard for me to be able to follow her at the current hours that she does....i do not expect to claim the moon i just wonder if you can schedule roshana in the right way so that a person can organize themselves.....that's all
Max...Tomorrow...I don't know exactly at what time she's coming..
... punctuality is the politeness of princes...
since from her schedule we never understand when roshy is there it's possible to know when will her next show? .....thanks
gibt es heute eine Show?
Blondinchen, Süsschen,
mein heller Sonnenstrahl, ich freue mich darauf, dich heute wieder sehen zu dürfen... Hubi
Roshi is unique Roshana there is only Roshana .......i love this girl
Dear Miss Rohsana
you do not need makeup in my mind - you are really beautful without and i like your dancing with clothes
Kiss Dave
Pure class!
Style will out..
Hello , i saw some criticism for myself. and i saw also some things that are not claryfied about etv and so on. Im trained in taking criticism and turning it into my plus - so thanks to this i already have a new idea about a show. On Sunday , i will put my make up infront of the camera. make up is not a short coming esecially when woman can make it by herself!:) :). For the question what is ETV, i suggest to search in google for the old name of our tv- Eurotic tv and for my nickname Roshana.Neither I am an Indian nor the tv. It is also a persian name i chose it because of one of the language i speak and because Roshana is the correct translation of my real name. Thank you :) :*
I have not explained myself correctly, I have accidently offended. For this I am sorry.

Kindness is a wonderful characteristic.
first you have to apologize. But seriously.
I'm still convinced you've been deliberately offensive without a comprehensible reason.
You used the uppercase character to emphasize it.
If you want to know why Roshana is popular this is not the way to ask for it.
If you like her, follow her shows and ask her.
I can tell you that one of the main reasons for its popularity is her kindness with the viewers
Even with me...

odessa you have been offensive,vulgar,and bad about roshana and this annoys me if you do not like roshana do not follow it..... but respect for her
Pippetto, No offence was meant, it may have been my use of English. I found this model from the news, "Blonde vs. Brunette" best event of the week. I noticed more people in her room than I have ever seen before and I do not understand why. I googled ETV mentioned in the Guestbook, it says ETV is a network of news and entertainment satellite television channels in India. So I am totally at a loss, as to why such a tame model is so popular, was she a presenter in India? Is she a celebrity doing webcam shows? Otherwise there are more attractive more explicit models available, who only have 6 or 7 people their rooms, Regina in the same event is amazing, beautiful, amazing body, explicit, but her room is nearly empty, so what is going on here please?
Odessa you're offensive.
Criticizing the performances is legitimate, criticizing the person is offensive and incorrect.
She is so popular becouse is a great performer with a lot of fact you also talk about her.
My criticism is on her way of dealing with some viewers.
You do not have to criticize the person, especially for the physical aspect.
No one has the right to do so..
Can someone please explain the obsession and attention this model is getting please? She has a fabulous body, but doesn't show her pussy, she doesn't do any of the shows normally offered in PVT and especially 1 on 1 in VIP, such as masturbation, cum, dildo, spreading her pussy etc. Plus I think she is unattractive, she has botox lips (FAKE) with extreme make-up normally seen on the stage when the audience is far away and in spotlight lighting, she has hair extensions (FAKE), she has eyelash extensions (FAKE) and she doesn't understand how to operate the Targets and is never on time or maintaining her calendar. If she looked like the girl in the "My Personal Pictures" section in her Bio, then I would see her beauty. Why doesn't one of the experienced models she works with help her understand this is a close camera site, where softer more natural make-up enhances her features? So can someone please explain why she is so popular? I will watch and go 1 on 1 VIP with the models I like, who do what I like on camera (Stacy and Regina), so I don't need telling to go away, I just what a sensible answer, as to why she is so popular please.
i rewrite because i do not want my previous message to be misunderstood. first of all i want to point out that roshana has nothing to do with my criticism of this person.(i'm tolking about that person who keep roshi full hours in pvt just to talk) roshana is here to do his job and as far as i'm concerned, he is doing very well: ....i find your very selfish behavior in the sense that many viewers who follow roshi have no other possibility than this to interact with her, but if you arrive and take her away for more than two hours each time you deny the chance for everyone to talk to her, i would also like to have roshana all for me even for an entire evening and believe me i could do it but i understand the situation and i do not. if you only have to talk you can do it in chat leaving others to do it, but if you can not do that, you have the sensitivity to do so for a limited time..... in some situation you have understand that there are others......ciao maxx
Hello . How to rebeka in etv. How do we see him?

Du brauchst Dich hier für nichts rechtfertigen. Deine shows sind immer fantastisch, unbeschreiblich erotisch, höllisch heiss, atemberaubend, immer sehenswert, ein ganz grosses Vergnügen. Deinem Liebreiz, deinem Anmut zu widerstehen, ist schlichtweg nicht möglich. Ich freue mich, daß du hier bist, und werde weiterhin jede Sekunde genießen, in der ich Dich sehen darf. Hubi
everyone is free to do what he wants but sincerely i find this person very selfish i could take you two hours in private to talk to you roshi but i do not ...and this is not for the money for me the money is not a problem.....very simply i'm not selfish if i want to talk to you i'll do it in chat while still giving others the pleasure of doing it
All right, that's what i'm going to do.
Over two hours of chat in pvt...i cannot bear it this no longer
I will be short. There are viewers who would like to make a strip for them and they pay for this. There are viewers who would like to see for example feet and they pay for this. and there are viewers who would like just to talk and they pay for this. If somebody wants something specific can take any girl from the site in private.
Sorry but what is the performance? it is called phone booth...
pippetto can point the clock...
Guys after reading the chat here i can say just several things. First i always give oportunity for the viewers for a private. If they ask me what i do there i always say without lying. People use the prvt mood for different things some just to see, some just to chast and others for both it is the decision of the person who pay. There are many many girls here in the site with different personalities and with different way of performing. There are no certain rules here how to behave - for this i spoke with the bosses- they know better than every viewer. I told them i will do erotic staff- the same i did 5 years in ETV - they said ok. If somebody doesnt like my style i think that he or she is free to find another girl. Try to understand me as if to tell an artist how to paint his pictures... Anyway Im happy to b e here and to be in contact with friends im a social person i need this. Have a nice evening. :* :* Roshi
hi boys i'm not here to make roshana's defender she can defend herself very well but i want to say something....if some of you roshana's show do not like it ...just turn to other girls.....what's the problem
Hi Roshi,
i dont want to say you do this - only to give the user the opportunity to have private session with you - what you do there is your decision - not all women here use toys or spread legs - and this is a good decision - not every site should have the site kind of "erotic". Have fun and enjoy the future
well, as always its a give and take - you show us something and we pay for it. Money for doing nothing will not work out on the long run. This will annoy even the most patient viewer. You should either fully commit to this business or leave it. Make up your mind. Maybe a own website or blogg would be more appropriate for you than this site. Anyone paying here has certain expectations and doesn't want to be fooled - that's no secret.
Always the same story ..When B.... arrives the show ends...
Sometimes change schema..
I assure you in internet you will not see me with open legs, etc, maybe just some oops shots which of course i wasnt aware. And everybody is free to share opinion but people must know that i am also free to perform the way i perform and of course to some extent i take the opinion of the viewer, his mood etc. Thank you and kisses, Roshi :*
hey ollaw - check out google and search for etv rohsana - something you can find there - kiss
Would like to see Roshana naked and spread legs , nothing else . that way she could make lots of money . This is a porno site , no fashion or beauty show . thanks !
pippetto's called being stood up,,,
Hi roshi, ich hatte gehofft das du heute kommst. Hoffe ich habe dich nicht ver..... Vermisse dich........
hi team you can schedule roshana correctly otherwise we never know when she is there......thanks
when we see roshana again?...........his schedule is empty
where is roshi is in holydai ?
The last two shows were irritating.
I would like to see Roshana naked , only naked and explicit of cause . If so , I'm going to buy . If not no deal ! I am interested in her body , that's it .
supperb body
Hi Pippetto, i'm sorry for the word "stupid", that's not okay. From your POV i can understand your critics "do nothing", but some viewers give her the chance to develop her own style of shows, as we known at etv, she is doing after a while. So the patience between you and other viewers is the difference. Meanwhile choose another girl and come back, when she is on top level, then i'm sure, you will be delighted. So for now i like to close this Dialogue and hope you respect my points in the same way i do it for yours.
Dear real fan Stratles,
I think it's a shame that the show is wasted seeing Roshana do nothing, because some viewers want to see nothing.
I have expressed a strong legitimate criticism of a performance..questionable.. but you have told me that I am stupid.
There is a big difference.
Maxdrum, where is the responsibility in this scenario. As you said "he is free to think of it" i totaly agree, but if i write my thinking in the public, then it is no longer my private thinking and i show the world, that i'm not be able to meet my responsibility, because i have choosen the wrong girl. When she is doing great things for one viewer, then another viewer is probably disappointed, so that means, each and everyone of us have the right but also the responsibility for our decisions because noone is forced to it.
Please read the comments from 21.05.2017 and 14.05.2017, such words are never helpful for everyone, i welcome contructive critics to improve things but not destructive comments because i'm angry of my wrong decision. Good bye max...
stratles i understand and i share what you said but each of us has an idea of how it should be a show: there are those who would like to see roshana always naked and who prefer to talk to her i personally believe that everyone's ideas as long as they are not harmful are respected and if anyone believes that roshana's show are boring,he is free to think of it...not always the criticisms are bad the important thing is not to be arrogant and rude...roshana is a girl who has always managed things in her own way and with her style (that i love ) and believe me she can defend yourself very well by some criticism...but in the end what matters is that we are all here for her let's enjoy her company as long as she's here without making us too much paranoia....ciao stra.... e un bacio x roshi
This is my opinion too maxdrum69, but i was angry because of the words "boredom at the highest level". It is not realistic to expect a super show when she just started her new job at 17. There are problems with the rooms, technics and many new circumstances, so it is very unfair to critice with such drastic words. Therefore i recommended to choose another girl until she is be able to produce such super shows as expected from pippetto.
I have all the exclusive shows of her which were provided by etv in the last 5 years, so i can say that i'm a real fan.
this time i agree with pippetto even i like to talk to roshana i was already talking to etv but i also think that she is really a great performer and his greatness is in being so damn sensual but never vulgar ....this is roshana

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